Shipping computer interface
This interface allows users to track shipments and products at any point in the shipment process, including the ability to flag issues en route. The focus was on a clean, easy-to-use user interface that could be understood at a moment’s glance.

Web app: multiple project interfacing
This app allows multiple users to review and edit multiple aspects of projects while allowing  admins to monitor progress, add and remove permissions, and more.

Desktop interface: Workflow management
Working closely with the CEO of this software company, I developed conceptual models allowing communication between far-flung teams, including the ability to track project progress.

Desktop & mobile app: parental control
I worked closely with the client to develop this app, which allows parents to review and control their children's media usage. The app was developed for mobile, tablet, and desktop applications.

Tablet video browser
This project was created to allow users not only to play movies on their device but to rate and review films for other users. I designed the entire interface for this small company.

Desktop interface: Scheduling and buying airtime
Working closely with the client under a tight deadline, I refined and improved this existing interface that allows buyers to schedule airtime and media in the advertising space.

More work

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