iOS app design: Developer certification
Working directly with the developer and the CEO, I redesigned the interface and improved the user experience by enhancing the look and feel, flow, and icons for this app, and streamlining its function to make it easier to use.

iOS app: Stock trading game
Taking a concept cue from the successful Robinhood app, these clients approached me to help them create an app that gamified the stock market. This is one of the biggest apps I’ve ever created, at more than 80 screens. It’s a very data heavy app, but it needed to communicate quickly  and be fun to use. The clients were very pleased with the execution and the presentation of the information in a quick, digestible format.

iOS app: physician communication
The clients approached me with an interesting business case: How to allow physicians to consult specialists in specific medical fields as quickly and easily as teenagers chatting on their phones? This was a challenging project involving highly techincal information, but the clients were pleased with the final result.

iOS & Apple Watch app: medical alerts
The client is from a small European nation that needed preprogrammed medical services. He also wished it to extend to the Apple Watch platform. This required clear communiation in a possibly multilingual environment as well as clear information architecture. I oversaw concept development, design, copy editing, asset development, and production management.

Senior services app
The client needed an app that was easy to use, especially by those whose eyesight and understanding of technology might be limited. I enjoyed working with this client, and he liked my solutions.

Parental timing app
I out-designed stiff competition to win this contract, which involved working closely with the client to create an intuitive design allowing busy parents to oversee their children's tech usage. I also designed the logo, which the client loved.

Drone control app
Working closely with the developer, I designed this app to be very simple, including thumb-steered "joysticks" allowing control of speed and direction. The goal was to let users focus on the imagery they were seeing, instead of the app controls.

Video monitoring app
The goal here was to allow users not only to remotely view security cameras in their facilities, but to easily scroll through video archives, allowing them to flag past security issues. I also designed the logo and interface, including the scrolling viewer.

iOS app: Local student socializing
Built from the Twitter user’s perspective, this app builds on the sharing experience by a clever twist that allows users to find new friends quickly. I designed this entire user interface. The clients said, “We go back to Doug time and time again because he is great to work with, the nicest guy, and a genius.” ​Matthew S. & Andrew S., Founders, eTeq LLC

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