Local retailer's site
This business owner wanted to appeal to a local clientele who might not be the most tech savvy, as well as local vendors needing to advertise. I also designed his logo, and completed the work in exchange for enough dimensional lumber to build my new woodshed.

Website for brick-and-mortar store
This longtime client requested an updated look and feel for his site as well as responsive capabilities. I designed and coded the site from raw HTML, wrote all the copy, consult directly with the business owner on imagery and messaging.   I continue to update the site seasonally.

Local business site
This client needed to not only explain her concept—a variatoin of famililar bed & breakfast—but establish the character of her business, a combination of rustic comfort and Victorian charm. The redesign resulted in a 45% year-over-year improvement in revenues.

Optometrist website
A local eye doctor approached me about redesigning his website, including redesinging his business logo. In addition to the site redesign, I added responsiveness, consolidated and edited site content, wrote headlines, and edited existing copy. The client is not a terribly expressive person, but he loves the new designs.

Website for small manufacturer
This client needed to establish a web presence and draw attention to his small shop (~50 employees) in rural Montana. I designed the website as well as the logo, wrote all copy, and did all photography.

Website for Idaho non-profit
This organization was in great need of an updated brand, which included redesigning their website, adding responsiveness; and their annual printed brochure, postcards, and poster. I stepped in to create all the needed material, oversaw printing, and ensured that future versions would be much easier to create.

More work

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